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Video "PYRO & CROSBY - The World is my Hood (feat. Baze, Burni Aman & Redondo)"

Video "PYRO & CROSBY - Good Mand Down (feat. Redondo)"

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The Edutainment Project

The Artists

The collaboration E.P "The World is my Hood" of Swiss rapper PYRO and South African Ragga/HipHop MCee CROSBY was created early 2015 when PYRO visited Cape Town together with his friend and photographer Dedi Basel.They arrived with a number of new beats to produce fresh songs with Crosby which gave birth to The World is My Hood.There are 4 unique tracks, diverse as their social conditions, as strong as their friendship and hot like the burnt red stones under the South African sun. They collaborated with various artists like Swiss rapper Baze(Chlyklaas) and S.A rapper Redondo (Driemanskap) and Burni Aman(ex-member of Godessa) to convey a message of this short but fresh E.P.The entire production was done by Swiss producer Dj Tron and contains 3 instrumentals and 1 from producer and rapper Funky Notes.All photos, artwork by Dedi Basel.

The Edutainment Project

The Edutainment Youth Project

The project is a youth development program based on entertaining and encouraging youth from disadvantaged townships surrounding Gugulethu to have some sort of Computer Literacy. From knowing how to use various office programs,type and use keyboard shortcuts and also the internet. The project will be in association with Impilo Yolutsha(Non-profit) organization based in Gugulethu.The aim and objective is to ship all computers to South Africa which we believe will have a major impact in the minds of the under privileged, especially those who are hopeless and unoccupied. We are in need of your support in terms of setting up free Wi-Fi internet,having volunteers who have P.C experience to guide the individuals who will part take in this program.for more info on how you can contribute please email or


  • The World is my Hood
    (feat. Baze, Burni & Redondo)
  • Styles & Patterns
  • Love is
    (feat. Funky Notes)
  • Good Man Down
    (feat. Redondo)
  • The World is my Hood - Remix
    (feat. Baze, Burni & Redondo)
  • Styles & Patterns (Club Remix)
  • + All Instrumentals (CD and Vinyl Edition)

Press / Promo Documents

Elchrecords Vinylstore is one of the last original Vinyl Stores in Basel, Switzerland. Known for their quality, assistance and huge collections of old vinyls. Also elchrecords enables different artists to press their releases on vinyl. They already published PYROs "Capetown Connection" (feat. Black Tiger & Crosby) on Vinyl. The Single is still available at

Kaeppelijoch Bier

Käppelijoch Bier

Käppelijoch beer – that is first and foremost master brewer Daniel Nüsch. Käppelijoch beer represents his vision to reintroduce a proper beer culture to Basel and offer variety to beer lovers, thanks to his small brewery. For the last 15 years Daniel has created beers that are full of character and have pleased beer aficionados and tickled the curiosity of newcomers. Trappist beer, red ale, pale ale, Burns ale, Christmas beer, Geuze, pils beers, carnival beers, «Glögglibier», stout, «Sunnebier», bock beer, IPA... cheers

wemakeit crowdfunding

Wemakeit Supporters is a crowdfunding plattform. The Production of the CDs whas completeley funded b by over 30 Supporters around the World. It seems that we all share the idea, the World should be our Hood. Thanks goes out to everbody who supported this crowdfunding and investet besides money also the faith in our project. thank you